- to recognize our true nature as peace and unconditionally fulfilled love

Satsang means “being together in truth”.
Although this expression comes from the wise Indian teaching,” Advaita Vedanta”, the realization which Satsang is about isn’t connected to certain religious opinions or views of the world.It is the opposite: The depth of our true self appears to us exactly when we can see all the ideas we have about the world and recognize ourselves as bare conception and leave this aside for a moment. Then an internal silence opens within us, in which all dissatisfaction, worries and every suffering dissolve. The idea disappears to be a separated “I” from the entireness. The search for luck and healing comes to an end. What remains is indescribable presentness and unconditional love.

Since the mid-90’s worldwide there are more and more people, to those the realization of true self has revealed itself and they experience radical liberation from their identification the personal, limited “I”. Some of those appear in the role of a spiritual teacher. They are available as support for others, who have a deep desire for “awakening” to their true nature. 

Many of the teachers that have become popular feel inspired by a tradition, which goes back to the wise Indian man, Sri Ramana Maharshi. The teachings of the individual modern teachers distinguish from style and emphasis.Some lean to the style of expression and the “methods” of the traditional Advaita teachings. Others find new access and include their western psychology and therapatic knowledge. However the centre is always exposing the false identification with a personal, limited “I” and the release of suffering according to this.  Often the satsang meetings are marked through an atmosphere of “instilling” silence, inner peace and presentness. Thoughts and worries of the stressed spirit can settle down by itself in these meetings. An essential aspect of satsang is to surrender to this inner silence and to allow it to deepen. At the same time most satsang teachers encourage during their dialogues to inner self enquiry. They guide us to the direct experience of peace. Handicaps and troubles can clear up and the experience of fulfillment and freedom deepens naturally.   

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