Essence, Satsang and Meditation

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Essence is the constant present, healing presence of your self – free of fear, fault and illness. I understand satsang as an invitation for everyone, to see this fearless, fulfilling, healing space – the essence – as our natural condition and hereby to experience never ending meditation.

Meditation without exercise and effort. Essence as that, what is. Satsang without master and student.

In our thoughts meditation is often mixed up with meditation-exercises. Doing exercises implies the idea that there could be something to improve or to reach. You could get the impression that meditation is something difficult. In this mode we possibly go to a satsang to reach enlightenment or to recognize the essence and give a lot of effort into this. Often we think: „The master is enlightend and I’m not. He has direct connection to the essence and I haven’t.“ We then think, it’s his teachings that may bring us to the essence. First we overtook the rules or teachings of our parents and teachers, now we exchange them for those rules of the master, without notice, with the expectation: „You show me, how it is done!“

This here – this experience – is already the essence. Effortless meditation. Satsang. But don’t believe what I say! Look for yourself! Is there another experience than this now? And when did this experience start? When does it stop?

You won’t find a beginning or an end. That is endless meditation. The essence of satsang. Being in truth. Here and now. No rule, no teaching. Already your direct experience. This no satsang-teacher can teach you. This is already your direct knowing of the essence.
Quiet peace. Now.


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"Any longing is the longing to yourself, the Essence."

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