Trauma healing through Somatic Experiencing®

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a powerful tool used for the prevention or healing of traumas. The healing of a trauma is a natural process that can be set in motion through an inner awareness of the body. With this method there is no need to undergo several years of psychotherapeutic treatment, and to repeatedly separate off memories or eliminate these memories from the subconscious. By using our own inner resources (e.g. our abilities, skills, knowledge, expertise, experiences, talents, leanings and strengths that we are often unaware of) and through grounding and exploring our body sensations, feelings, thoughts or images, we can “renegotiate” the trauma.


The key to healing lies in discharging the energy bound up in our nervous system, and in developing our own natural ability to rediscover our equilibrium, even when relating to extreme events that lie far back in the past. Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a psycho-physiological method for overcoming post-traumatic disorders or problems, and for freeing the life energies that are bound up in them. At first, human reactions to threat are instinctive and biological, and only afterwards do they become psychological and cognitive. These reactions include three innate survival strategies: the flight, fight and freeze (immobility) responses. All mammals have these three responses in common.

A trauma is the body’s biologically incomplete response to a situation that is experienced as being life-threatening. Events that can cause trauma include war, serious abuse, violence, accidents, serious injuries and illnesses, operations, the loss of a close relative or friend, or natural catastrophes. Nearly always, most people are traumatized by events such as these. However, in certain circumstances, even seemingly everyday events and often unexpected events can cause traumatization, for instance falls and so-called minor injuries, accidents, invasive medical and dental treatments, or poisoning, amongst other things. A person’s vulnerability to suffering trauma depends on that person’s inner resources, his or her physical constitution, the family dynamics that exist, and the person’s circumstances and age. Trauma per se is not an illness but can cause symptoms such as over-excitability, anxiety, estrangement, dissociation, over-activity, an inability to form attachments, oversensitivity, insomnia, exhaustion, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraine, neck and back problems, problems of the immune system, and many other symptoms.


Trauma can adversely affect or disrupt every level of our lives – be it on a physical level, spiritually, psychologically, or socially. Traumas are healed through discharging step by step the enormous amount of survival energy that is still bound up in the freeze response (immobility response). In Somatic Experiencing it is not necessary to cathartically re-live the traumatic events. It is even possible to work on the problem without involving any content or memories. This can be particularly valuable if the event is still too painful. Thus, by going about it in this gentle, steady and step-by-step way, the possibility of renewed traumatization is practically eliminated.


You are welcome to arrange a session with me, either by telephone on +49-(0)177-3557144 or via e-mail. Although it is possible to hold an SE session via Skype or telephone, I can pick up significantly more information from you in a direct face-to-face meeting and you may find this more effective.

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My bodysystem is traumatized or afraid. I am not traumatized or afraid.












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